Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Let's get one thing right here!

My recent article suggesting a drop in the price of silver based on a brief Elliott Wave analysis is not the signal for the end of the silver/gold bull market. I am suggesting a pause in the precious metals while the US dollar undertakes a last gasp rally.
If you are a long term buy and hold against a global spasm in the world economy due to Peak Oil, Baby Boomers, Global Warming or just a good old fashioned fiat money collapse - don't let me stop you adding to your hoard!
Here endeth the lesson.


Blogger Page48 said...

My beloved ECU continues to head south faster than a retired Canadian in late November, stopping for nothing in its quest to make sure I work 14 hours a day, well into my 90's.

ECU, you're killin' me baby, along with every other "precious" metal stock and mutual fund I own. You're supposed to be protecting my wealth, not stealing it out from under me.

I'd feel safer with all my money invested in subprime mortgages. I'd get a better night's sleep.

Which wave down is this, anyway?

7:06 PM  

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