Friday, February 16, 2007

Latest on Gold Google hits

On the advice of an email a reader sent, I decided to check the hits on an intraday basis, no more than once per hour.

Yesterday, the "closing hits" value which I record every night at the same time was at 775,000. However, on our intraday checks it has progressed from this to 860,000 which was at our "resistance" level and has now smashed through to 935,000 and currently is at 901,000!

Will it settle back down to a below resistance value by the end of the day before we make any rash decisions about price breakouts? Note that while this was all going on in google, the actual gold price has not made any significant progress (currently up 40 cents).

Quite possibly we are seeing some kind of "lunchtime" effect where more gold "chatter" is going on during the daylight hours and this is being picked up by the Google web robots. That is why it is important to check for the hits value at the same time of day using the same search keywords.

I'll report on the latest "end of day" number before bedtime.

Since this is a silver oriented blog, we must also report that the google hits on similar silver keywords has never exceeded its google hits high since the post $15 correction began!


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